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Legos in Space

WE'RE GOING! These four Lego figures will travel to space on NASA’s Artemis I mission. COURTESY LEGO EDUCATION

NASA’s Artemis I mission won’t have astronauts on board. But it will have passengers. These include a Snoopy toy and a mannequin named Moonikin Campos. There will also be figures from the Lego Space Team. They’re part of Build to Launch. It’s a free online program by Lego Education and NASA.

Jenny Nash is head of education impact at Lego Education. “[Build to Launch] is a 10-week series in which kids learn from the Lego Space Team,” she told TFK Kid Reporter Zarita Asgar. “In each episode, you learn about a career at NASA, and you’re presented with a challenge. You’re taking on some of the same challenges they’re trying to solve for the Artemis launch.”

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