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Mexico's Quake

AMONG THE RUINS Rescue workers secure the area around a collapsed building on September 19, after a powerful earthquake hit Mexico City. DANIEL CARDENAS—ANADOLU AGENCY/GETTY IMAGES

Sections of Mexico City and nearby areas were left in ruins after an earthquake. The quake had a magnitude of 7.1. It struck Mexico on September 19. Buildings collapsed, and homes were destroyed. Thousands were injured. At press time, it was reported that at least 230 people had been killed.

Right after the earthquake, 40% of Mexico City was without power. The city is Mexico’s capital. At least 44 buildings collapsed. Effects were also felt in nearby states in the country.

People across Mexico City rushed to help. They cleared streets. They also delivered supplies to those in need. “When we saw this, we came to help,” Carlos Mendoza said. The 30-year-old was part of a team of volunteers. “I think it’s human nature that drives everyone to come and help others,” Cristina Lopez said. She also volunteered.

The quake was the second to strike Mexico in less than two weeks. It came on the 32nd anniversary of one of the country’s worst earthquakes. In 1985, a magnitude-8.0 temblor temblor IMAGINECHINA/AP earthquake (noun) The road cracked as the result of a temblor. killed at least 10,000 people in Mexico City and nearby areas. To honor the anniversary, many people in Mexico practiced earthquake drills just hours before the ground began to shake again.