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A Musical Journey


ANTHONY GONZALEZ, 12, voices the role of Miguel Rivera in the new animated Pixar movie Coco. Miguel is a young aspiring aspiring HILL STREET STUDIOS/BLEND IMAGES Planning and trying to achieve something (verb) As an aspiring actress, I take acting lessons twice a week to build my acting skills. musician. His family does not support him in this, so Miguel must keep his musical interests a secret. He travels to the Land of the Dead during the Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos. What follows is a fantastical fantastic ISTOCK/GETTY IMAGES Fantastic, wonderful, and magical (adjective) Jamal’s favorite fantastical animal from Harry Potter is Hedwig, Harry’s owl who delivers mail. journey on which Miguel learns about himself and about the importance of honoring family.


Anthony can relate to the character he plays. Both boys love music. Anthony likes singing pop songs and mariachi music best. But unlike Miguel, Anthony doesn’t need to hide his love of music from his family. In fact, music is a family affair for the young actor. He grew up performing mariachi music with his siblings on the streets of downtown Los Angeles, California. “Family is very important,” Anthony told TFK. “I hope that seeing Coco will inspire kids to learn more about their family and ancestors.”