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My Life as a Robot

Jeffrey Kaji, on the screen, raises his hand in class. TODD PLITT FOR TIME FOR KIDS

After I had surgery, the doctor said I needed to stay home for at least a week. With exams coming up, I worried about missing class. My family thought of a solution: I would go to school as a robot.

The company my mom works for provided me with a five-foot-tall robot on wheels. Using it was easy. I quickly learned how to move it forward and backward and turn it. I soon forgot I was controlling a machine from home.

An Object of Interest

It took everyone else a little longer to get used to the new me. A screen showed my face at its actual size. The screen allowed me to feel present and others to see me.

For a couple of days, I was the most popular object in the school. Everyone crowded around me. But once the novelty wore off, I was just another student. I ate lunch with everyone else, participated in class, and went to the rehearsal for my school play. I even got in trouble for eating "in class." I felt as I if I were actually in school. I was only reminded of my limitations as a robot when my teachers handed out papers.

Life as a robot was an awesome experience. Technology can be a great help to people. If you are ever in need, I hope you get to call on a robot helper.