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Ready, Set, Play!


June 11 will mark the first-ever International Day of Play. On March 26, the United Nations adopted a resolution to create a day on which to honor play worldwide.

Play is more than just a pastime for kids. It’s a crucial part of their development. Play encourages them to be physically active, which is healthy. Play also fosters children’s friendships and social skills. It teaches them how to solve problems and resolve conflicts. And through play, kids can increase their creativity and imagination. All of these benefits are important. They help kids thrive.

Plus, play-based learning in school is more engaging. It motivates kids. And it helps them remember information.

But four out of five children say that the adults around them don’t think playing is important. That statistic comes from a survey conducted in 2023 by YouGov and the Child & Youth Friendly Governance Project. The groups surveyed more than 10,000 children from more than 20 countries.

Now, a network of organizations is emphasizing the importance of play. These organizations banded together to campaign for an International Day of Play. The Right to Play is one of these organizations. Susan McIsaac is its president and CEO. “Play is powerful,” McIsaac says in a press release. “Through play, children explore and understand the world.”