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Ready to Rumble


Get ready to rumble! The movie Rumble has giant monsters, exciting wrestling, and lots of action.

In the animated film, teenager Winnie Coyle tries to save her town with the help of Steve, a monster who’s also a wrestler. The local monster-wrestling arena might be torn down because champion Tentacular is leaving town.

Steve is no champion. But Winnie is determined to make him a star.

Hamish Grieve directed Rumble. What can audiences expect from the film? “A rollicking good time!” he told TFK Kid Reporter Ronak Bhatt. “It’s a fun story with a ton of heart.” Grieve says Rumble is a film the whole family can enjoy.

“These two characters, Winnie and Steve, try to find their place in the world while developing a good friendship,” Grieve says.

Rumble is streaming on Paramount+.

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