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Repairing the Planet

INSPIRING IDEAS Prince William speaks at the Earthshot Prize ceremony, in London, on October 17. YUI MOK—WPA POOL/GETTY IMAGES

On October 17, the winners of the first annual Earthshot Prize were announced in London, England. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is a founder of the award. He hopes to inspire new ideas that will benefit the environment.

“We need everyone­, from all parts of society, to . . . unite in repairing our planet,” William says.

There were five winning groups. Each will receive about $1½ million. This will help them expand on their ideas. The winners include the government of Costa Rica. It’s paying citizens to restore local ecosystems.

Other winners developed technologies. A group in India invented a machine. It creates fuel and fertilizer from farming waste.

The Earthshot Prize will be given every year until 2030. “The actions we choose or choose not to take in the next 10 years will determine the fate of the planet for the next thousand,” William says. “The future is ours to determine.”

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