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spy orangutan


Into the Wild

April 5, 2018

A crocodile in Uganda gently scoops her infants into her mouth. Behind her teeth, she holds the hatchlings and carries them to a river. But one of the babies in the croc’s jaws is not an ordinary hatchling. It’s a…


Blast off, Starman!

February 16, 2018

On February 6, the Falcon Heavy rocket blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center, in Florida. It used the same launchpad that sent the first astronauts to the moon, in 1969. But this was not a NASA mission. The rocket…


Best Inventions of 2017

January 8, 2018

Inventions have the power to change our world for the better. Some are designed for work. Some are just for fun. Others help people and the planet. Every year, TIME magazine selects 25 of its favorite inventions to share with…



Cosmic Critters

December 12, 2017

Animals have long been on the front lines of scientific discovery. Time and again, they have been given the lead in exploring new frontiers. But they didn’t volunteer for their missions. That doesn’t lessen their contribution to scientific knowledge. It…



Eyes in the Sky

December 11, 2017

Chamber A is a historic landmark. It is located in the Johnson Space Center, in Houston, Texas. The chamber looks like a bank vault. But when the right machinery is turned on, it seems like a giant pocket of outer…



To the Moon and Beyond!

December 10, 2017

In 1961, United States president John F. Kennedy challenged NASA to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade. At the time, it seemed like mission impossible. But only eight years later, the space agency met…


Getting Close to the Sun

December 9, 2017

No spacecraft will ever land on the sun. Why? The sun is a flaming ball of gas. The gas reaches thousands of degrees Fahrenheit (F). But next year, a ship from Earth will fly closer to the sun than any…

African American boy using computer in classroom


A Fair Internet?

December 4, 2017

In 2015, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) created some rules. The rules gave people equal access to the Internet. They ensured net neutrality. The rules say Internet service providers are not allowed to block access to sites. They cannot slow…


Google Searches for Its Voice

November 13, 2017

A group of writers is huddled around a whiteboard. It’s August, but the team is trying to figure out what users might ask Google Assistant on Halloween. The board is covered with scrawled ideas. One stands out. “People did not…



Robot Lessons

November 6, 2017

Henny Admoni is a robotics professor at Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has a big goal. “My dream is to have a robot that can act as a practice partner for kids,” she told TIME for Kids. That…