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Kid of the Week: Emma-Grace Kim

Emma-Grace Kim, 14, Virginia, provides music lessons to other students. COURTESY ELAINE ZHANG

What motivated you to found ITZArt4you?

My sister and I were inspired after our experience performing at a local Title I school in 2021. We enjoyed performing, and the students seemed excited about the music we shared. This led to the idea of sharing our passion for classical music with students by offering free music lessons.

Names can be hard to craft. How did you come up with ITZArt4you?

We came up with our name by combining our favorite K-pop group, ITZY, with our favorite composer, Mozart. We tried to make our name catchy and relevant to today’s culture.

What are some goals that ITZArt4you has?

A big goal is to expand to more communities that may not have access to free music lessons, in our area and beyond. We are moving toward this by having mentors start ITZArt at Title I schools near their high schools.