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Should Kids Use AI to Do Homework?

Artificial intelligence is part of our everyday lives. It makes our smart devices work. You might already be using an AI program in school. But advanced chatbots, like ChatGPT, are new. They’re called generative AI. Ask a chatbot a question, and it will generate a whole essay. Some educators worry that chatbots could prevent students from learning on their own. Should students use AI to do their school assignments? We asked our TFK Kid Reporters to argue both sides of the case.

Dylan Patel, 13

San Diego, California

Artificial intelligence could change the way students learn. Many fear that chatbots can be used as a cheating tool. But safeguards are always being improved. And chatbots can be programmed to guide students through questions instead of giving them the answer. Chatbots can work with teachers, too. They can help teachers create lesson plans for individual students. Nobody has to fall behind in class. And AI tutors can provide 24/7 support for students. AI is here to stay. Move with the times, or the times will move without you!

Harper Carroll, 10

Boston, Massachusetts

Schoolwork should teach kids skills and develop their brains. Technology can be a useful tool. But kids need to learn to do basic tasks on their own. This is why kids learn how to do math, even though we have calculators. And it’s why schools teach penmanship and spelling, when most adults write using computers. Kids’ brains need to be exercised to develop, just like their bodies. AI may benefit adults, but it would be bad for children if they used AI before they mastered the building blocks of an education.

Alexa Oh, 11

Seattle, Washington

eaching kids how to use AI can prepare them for our technology-filled future. According to a YouGov poll, most Americans think it’s necessary for students to learn AI skills for their future careers. Using AI can help build critical thinking and problem-solving skills. And it’s better that students learn about AI’s limitations now: its biases, its potential to spread misinformation, and the ways it could be misused. As long as it’s done well, teaching AI in schools will change society for the better.

Ninis Twumasi, 12

New York, New York

We shouldn’t introduce generative AI into schools. Chatbots and other AI programs are getting more and more advanced every day. Teachers might not know how to best integrate them into their classes. And many schools wouldn’t be able to afford the latest technology. That’s not fair to students. Also, AI lacks the humanity and emotion that kids get from a teacher. That human connection is important. A chatbot just feeds students information. But teachers know how to help them retain information.

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