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Should Technology Companies Store Students' Personal Data?


Technology is making it easier for schools to collect information about students. Much of the data is collected and stored by technology companies, and not by the schools or the families. Supporters say the programs make it easier for teachers to plan lessons and find areas where students need help. But some parents and educators are concerned that these companies may not be able to adequately protect student privacy.

Here, two TFK readers offer their opinions.



Dylan Krall, 10

East Windsor, New Jersey

Technology companies should be able to collect personal information, such as test scores, about students. Parents sometimes say kids aren’t getting the tools and knowledge they need. The data collected can help teachers find out what kids need to learn. Some people worry that the electronically stored information is not safe. But companies can use tools to make sure the data is secure.



Alejandra Vaca, 10

Foster City, California

Technology companies should not be allowed to collect personal data about students. Parents, students, and teachers don’t know what these companies are doing with the private information. They might not be as careful as we would like them to be with our private data. Teachers are capable of collecting and keeping track of student information without the help of technology companies.