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Team Riley Returns


TFK Kid Reporter Sophia Zhang attended a screening of the new movie Inside Out 2. Read her thoughts below.

Team Riley is back, in Inside Out 2, a sequel to 2015’s Inside Out. Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust have been successfully operating Riley’s mind. But their world takes a turn when Riley turns 13, which means growth spurts, braces, pimples—in other words, puberty.

The characters representing Riley’s emotions have no explanation for her wild mood swings. They become more flabbergasted when a new emotion shows up: Anxiety. And as it turns out, Anxiety is not the only new emotion.

When Riley goes to an elite hockey camp and is forced to make tough decisions, Anxiety causes mayhem in her mind. Anxiety banishes the original five emotions from Headquarters. Can they make it back and save Riley’s sense of self?

I recommend this movie to kids and parents alike. Teenagers especially will love it. It is so relatable, since the conflict between Joy and Anxiety acts out the bittersweetness of growing up.

The movie will help teenagers reflect on and cope with their emotions. It will teach us that our emotions are meant to be felt and expressed, not hidden, and that being your true self means accepting all of yourself.