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Earth Science


Bad Bug Alert

September 23, 2021

The spotted lanternfly might look pretty with its red wings and black dots. But the mothlike insect is causing big problems in the United States. Experts are telling people to take action against the pest. “Kill it! Squash it, smash…



8 Questions for Samuel Ramsey

August 31, 2021

Samuel Ramsey, or Dr. Sammy, works for the United States Department of Agriculture. He’s an entomologist. That’s a scientist who studies insects. TFK’s Rebecca Katzman spoke with Dr. Sammy about his job and what insects can teach us. 1. How…



A Volcano Erupts

April 16, 2021

On April 9, a volcano called La Soufrière erupted on Saint Vincent. The island is in the Caribbean Sea. Thousands of people there were forced to leave their homes. The explosion was massive. It sent hot ash 32,000 feet into…


United States

Return of the Cicadas

April 7, 2021

This spring, parts of the United States will witness a rare natural event. Trillions of Brood 10 cicadas are expected to emerge in mid-May. The insects have spent 17 years underground. They will likely be around until late June or…



You Can Do It

January 13, 2021

Go to the window. Look outside. Are there clouds in the sky? How many? Are they puffy? Are they wispy? Are they blocking sunlight? Or are they letting it through? NASA scientists are interested in your answers. They’re using the…



Sinking In

May 14, 2020

Everything was quiet at the Pantheon, in Rome, Italy, on the afternoon of April 27. That is, until the ground opened up outside the ancient temple and cobblestones fell into the earth. No one was hurt. The normally crowded public…



City of Trees

April 2, 2020

Karachi, Pakistan, is one of the hottest cities on Earth. In June 2015, more than 1,000 people died there during a heat wave. “It was a terrible time,” Shahzad Qureshi told TIME for Kids. “We needed to do something about…


United States

California Quakes

July 9, 2019

Two major earthquakes hit Southern California last week. The first struck on July 4, near the Mojave Desert. Its magnitude was 6.4. There were small tremors afterward, called aftershocks. On July 5, the second earthquake hit. With a magnitude of…

United States

Alaska Shakes

December 7, 2018

Earthquakes jolted Anchorage, Alaska, on November 30. Roads crumbled and buildings shook. Sheila Bailey works in a school cafeteria near Anchorage. “It sounded like the school was breaking apart,” she said. A magnitude 7.0 quake hit first, at about 8:30…

Polar Bear

TFK Library

What is Global Warming?

August 28, 2018

Earth’s climate is changing at an unprecedented rate. As a result, storms and droughts are becoming more intense. Temperatures are rising. Polar ice caps are melting. This is causing oceans to rise. Low coastal areas are flooding. Animals are losing…