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Trick or Treat for All

AHOY, MATEY! Target is offering Halloween costumes for kids with disabilities. This pirate costume has a matching wheelchair cover that makes the chair look like a pirate ship. TARGET

Large retail stores are already gearing up for Halloween. But many of the costumes they sell aren’t suitable for everyone. Children with disabilities often have a hard time finding costumes that fit their needs.

One big brand is doing its part to change that. Last week, Target announced that it will be offering four new Halloween costumes. They are made just for kids with disabilities.

Two costumes are designed for children who use wheelchairs. One is a princess dress. The other is a pirate outfit. Both come with a matching wheelchair cover. One turns the chair into a carriage, the other a pirate ship. The covers “can easily be cut to fit a variety of wheelchair sizes,” according to the Target website. Target may be the first large retailer to make costumes that are wheelchair-friendly.

The store is also offering costumes for kids with sensory sensitivity. Target’s unicorn and shark outfits don’t have seams or tags. These can be itchy for kids with sensitive skin. These small changes could make a big difference for many people. “Design details can have a huge impact,” a Target spokesperson told the Independent.

On Twitter, people are welcoming Target’s effort. “I wish more companies embraced people with #disabilities,” one user posted. “Thank you for knowing people with disabilities are your customer[s] too.” Many hope Target’s actions will inspire other companies to be more inclusive.