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U.N. Climate Report

WIND POWER Renewable energy could help stop global warming, a U.N. report says. BING GUAN—BLOOMBERG/GETTY IMAGES

On April 4, the United Nations (U.N.) released a new report. Climate scientists say countries must reduce their fossil-fuel emissions sharply and soon. Otherwise, the dangers of global warming—such as droughts, wildfires, and ecosystem loss—will become worse.

António Guterres is the U.N. Secretary-General. He says the planet is facing “a climate emergency.”

In 2015, world governments promised to cut emissions. This was to keep global warming to just below 3°F. But many countries have not met their goal. Soon, it will be much harder to keep global warming under control.

But there’s hope. The report says technology for renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, has gotten better, and cheaper. Experts say wealthy countries could help poor nations move toward clean energy.

James Skea helps lead the group that released the report. He says the scientists are sending a message: “Human activities got us into this problem, and human agency can actually get us out of it again.”

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