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Many movie theaters are closed to help prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. This means families are looking for entertainment they can watch at home. To help, some movie studios have decided to make their movies available through on-demand and streaming services earlier than usual.

Jeff Shell is CEO of NBC Universal. “The company felt that now was the right time to provide this option in the home,” he said in a statement. Trolls World Tour is an NBC Universal film. It was scheduled to be released in theaters on April 10. Now it will be available to watch in homes on that day.

Here are a few movies that are available now or will be soon: Frozen II (March 24 on Disney+), Sonic the Hedgehog (March 31 on demand at various streaming services), Onward (April 3 on Disney+), Trolls World Tour (April 10 at various), and Abominable (April 24 on Hulu).

Read more about these family-friendly films below.

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Time Off

Rock On

March 27, 2020

Get ready to jam out with Trolls World Tour. It’s a sequel to the 2016 Trolls movie. The film follows troll friends Poppy and Branch as they make a big discovery: Theirs is not the world’s only troll tribe. Poppy…

Time Off


March 13, 2020

In Onward, brothers Ian and Barley Lightfoot use magic to try to bring back their dad, who died when they were young. But their first attempt at the spell brings back only half of him—his legs and feet. Perplexed, the…

Time Off

On the Run

January 31, 2020

Sonic is blue, furry, and the fastest thing around. In the new movie Sonic the Hedgehog, he comes to Earth from another planet. When he gets here, he makes friends with a human named Tom. Together, they set out to…

Time Off

Frozen Returns

November 8, 2019

Disney’s Academy Award–winning movie Frozen was one of the most successful animated films of all time. Six years after its release, fans will get to see the Frozen crew again, in Frozen II. The highly anticipated sequel hits theaters November…

Time Off

Into the Mountains

September 27, 2019

In Abominable, a girl named Yi discovers a yeti, or an abominable snowman, on the roof of her apartment building, in Shanghai, China. Yi introduces the yeti to her friends Jin and Peng. They name him Everest. The four of…

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