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Last Kids Standing


Jack Sullivan has survived the end of the world. Everyone in town has either been eaten by monsters or turned into a zombie. After 42 days alone, Jack learns that three of his classmates have also survived. They team up to battle zombies and eat all the junk food they can find.

Jack and his friends are the stars of The Last Kids on Earth, an animated special coming to Netflix on September 17. It’s based on the best-selling book series by Max Brallier. The special is the first episode in a TV series. The remainder of the series will air in 2020.

Nick Wolfhard plays Jack. “My character is lonely but starts to make a family of sorts with his friends,” he told TIME for Kids. “I think a lot of kids who have dealt with being alone will find him relatable.”

But Nick says there’s one thing about his character he can’t relate to: his survival skills. What would happen to Nick if the world ended? “I would probably be one of the first to turn into a zombie.”