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Can You Podcast?

Junior Journalist, can you hear us? Listen up: This mission is all about podcasting.

Mission 10: Can You Podcast?

Do you listen to podcasts? They can be fantastic sources of information. On news podcasts, journalists update listeners about what’s going on in the world. Like radio journalists, podcasters don’t rely on photos or videos to get a story across. They rely on what you can hear. They might use live interviews or audio clips from events. And just like other journalists, podcasters have to make sure they have all their facts straight before they report the news.

Junior Journalists, we want to know: Can you podcast? Pick an interesting story to report. Do research and conduct interviews. Then tell your story and record it using a smartphone or other recording device. Try getting your story across in less than a minute. Ask a teacher, parent, or guardian to send us your submission here or at

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