Watch and Learn

January 18, 2019

Ten-year-old CRYSTAL ANNE MARTIN (pictured) has tasted camel’s milk, made pottery, spoken to a 101-year-old woman, met a ventriloquist, and more. She’s done these things on the YouTube channel HiHo Kids, where viewers can watch as real kids try new things. The results are often educational—and always entertaining.

Crystal has been in hundreds of HiHo Kids videos. She says she likes being part of HiHo because she gets to have so many interesting experiences. Why does she think viewers like the channel? “We’re not doing anything fake,” she told TIME for Kids. “Every video is real things in the real world, and it’s our real reaction.”

Marina Taylor is the creative director of HiHo Kids. “We believe in letting kids be kids,” she told TFK. For example? “They might be offered a plate of food, but if they don’t want to eat it, they can put it in their hair, put it on the table, do whatever they want with it.”