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A World of Music

A girl learns to play the erhu. It is an instrument from Asia. BLUE JEAN IMAGES/GETTY IMAGES

People all over the world make music. Here are instruments from different continents. Which instrument is your favorite?

This is a guiro.

It comes from South America. The instrument is made from a hollow hollow ISTOCK/GETTY IMAGES having an empty space inside (adjective) They hid the treasure inside a hollow log. gourd gourd CLAUDIA TOTIR/GETTY IMAGES a type of vegetable, like a pumpkin or squash, with a hard rind (noun) My mom put a gourd on the dinner table to decorate for Thanksgiving. . It has ridges. A player scrapes the ridges with a stick.


This is an accordion.

It comes from Europe. The instrument has a keyboard and buttons. There is a bag in the middle. It is filled with air. A player pushes the two ends together and presses the keys and buttons.


This is a mbira.

It comes from Africa. The instrument is a wooden board. The board has keys. They are made of metal. A player plucks pluck KATARÍNA KACICOVÁ/EYEEM—GETTY IMAGES to pull and release the string on a musical instrument to make a sound (verb) I use my fingers to pluck the strings of my violin. the keys with his or her thumbs.


This is a guzheng.

It comes from Asia. The instrument is made of wood. It has 21 strings. A players uses his or her fingers to pluck the strings.


This is a didgeridoo.

It comes from Australia. The instrument is a long tube. It is made of wood. A player blows into the tube. The player uses his or her lips to create different sounds.


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