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Best Inventions of 2022


Every year, TIME magazine makes a list of the best inventions. TIME picked 200 inventions in 2022. Read about seven of them here. They change how we work. They change how we play.

Bear Hugs

Hugimals are stuffed animals. They give kids the feeling of being hugged in real life. Teachers say the animals help kids handle big emotions emotions a feeling (noun) Lena was filled with emotion when she got her first dog. .

Bionic Hand


The Esper Hand is robotic. It helps people who have lost a hand. It has 24 sensors sensor a device that senses changes in its surroundings (noun) The smoke alarm has a sensor for heat. . It works with a person’s brain and muscles. They tell it how to move.

Super Sunnies

Spy Optic created Happy Boost sunglasses. The glasses protect the eyes. And they make colors pop.

Recycled Paint

Up Paint collects and recycles leftover paint. Then it resells the paint. That way, there is less waste. So far, the company offers 18 colors.

A Cool Cap


Soul Cap’s designers started swimming as adults. They found that swim caps were not made for Black swimmers like themselves. So they made one for thicker, curlier hair.

Eye-Catching Sound


Teno is a portable portable able to be easily carried or moved (adjective) We brought a portable grill to the picnic. light. It is also a speaker. It looks like a cracked bowl. There are no buttons. Pull it apart. Light and sound pour out.

Braille Help

Many children who cannot see learn braille at school. Polly can help at home. Kids can write with its electronic slate. Polly has a keyboard, too.