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Going for Gold

The world’s top athletes get ready to shine at the 2018 Winter Olympics. JOOSEP MARTINSON—ISU/GETTY IMAGES

The 2018 Winter Olympics are coming! The Games will take place February 9 to 25. They are being held in PyeongChang, South Korea.


A special torch was made for the 2018 Olympics. Runners will carry it from Greece to South Korea. The torch relay relay a type of race in which something is passed from one person to another (noun) Janice did well in her track relay. will last 109 days.


Athletes from around the world will be in South Korea. They will compete compete to take part in a contest (verb) The students competed against Mr. Hall's class at the school's tug-of-war event. in 15 winter sports. These include skiing and ice hockey. One of the athletes is Lindsey Vonn, shown below. She is a skier. She plans to compete for Team U.S.A. Vonn won a gold medal in the 2010 Winter Olympics.


Luge is one of the oldest Winter Olympic sports. It is like sledding. Athletes lie on their backs on a luge, or sled. They race down an ice track. Whoosh!


Athletes will compete for gold, silver, and bronze medals. Special medals were made for the 2018 Games. They look like tree bark. Trees symbolize symbolize to represent (verb) The flag symbolized hope and courage. hard work.


Where in the World?

South Korea is a country in Asia. The capital of South Korea is Seoul. PyeongChang is another city in South Korea. Find them all on the maps.