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Where Do You Live?


A community is a group of people living or working together. A community can also be a place where people live. There are different types of communities. Read about three of them. What type do you live in?

Do you live in a city?


There are lots of people. People are close together. There might be tall buildings. People do not have to drive everywhere. They can get around by walking. Or they can ride subways subway PW SUBWAY THANA PRASONGSIN—GETTY IMAGES a system of underground trains in a city (noun) I ride the subway to work. and buses.

Do you live in a suburb?


Homes are more spread out. There are fewer people. Many go to nearby cities to work. Houses have yards. People drive cars or ride bikes.

Do you live in the country?


You might see more land than houses. Some people live and work on farms. You might have to drive to visit your neighbors neighbor PW NEIGHBOR COMPASSIONATE EYE FOUNDATION/GARY BURCHELL—GETTY IMAGES a person who lives next to or near another person (noun) We invited our neighbors over for dinner. .