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Stay Cool


Temperatures are rising. “We’re seeing the hottest summers in recorded history, multiple years in a row,” Dr. Grant Lipman told TIME. He’s an emergency doctor. It’s more important than ever to know how to keep cool.

Being really hot is irritating. And in serious cases, it can lead to illness. That’s one danger of long heat waves. Nighttime temperatures are also higher. They give people less time to cool down.

Your body responds to heat in many ways. One is by sweating. Another is by radiating radiate to go out or send out in all directions (verb) Heat radiates from the fireplace. heat. Your body works hard to stay cool. Staying cool uses energy. But there are ways to help your body deal with heat.

Preparing for the Heat

You can get used to heat. You can train for the hot weather. Going somewhere hot? Lipman recommends an hour outside every day, leading up to it.

He suggests other strategies to help prevent heat illness. Avoid heavy exercise in the middle of the day. Wear loose, lightweight clothing. Some clothing will have a high UPF, or ultraviolet light ultraviolet light an invisible light wave in sunlight that can be harmful (noun) Sunscreen is a great way to protect yourself from ultraviolet light. protection factor. It can protect your skin like sunscreen does.

It’s important to stay hydrated. Drink lots of water, especially if you’re sweating. We lose electrolytes electrolyte a necessary mineral in the body (noun) She drank orange juice to get electrolytes while she was sick. in sweat. Look for drinks that replace them.

If you’re outside, find some shade. And always go inside if you are feeling too hot. Following these tips will help you enjoy your summer safely.

What should you do if you feel too hot? Here are some tips for cooling down quickly.

Spray yourself with cool water and fan off. This has an effect like sweating.

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Your hands and feet radiate heat. Running cold water over your hands can cool your whole body.

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Keep ice packs ready. You can press them to your hands or your face.

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Keep your house cool by bringing fresh air in. It may help to open your window at night, when the temperature drops.

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If you’re extremely hot, make an ice bath. Ten minutes will cool you way down.

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