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Beyond Appearances


The Story of Ferdinand is a popular kids’ book. It was published more than 80 years ago. Now it is also an animated movie. Ferdinand hit the big screen on December 15. The movie is part comedy, part drama. It tells the story of a kind and gentle Spanish bull. His name is Ferdinand. Because of his size, people think Ferdinand is a beast. So he is taken from his home and made to fight. Then the bull plots a return to his home.

Ferdinand is voiced by JOHN CENA. He is an actor and a professional wrestler. Cena can relate to his character. Like Ferdinand, people sometimes judge him by the way he looks. “A lot of people think I want to cause trouble,” Cena told TFK Kid Reporter Gabrielle Hurd. Above all, the movie delivers an important message. “Never be afraid to be who you are,” Cena says. “That’s what makes you special.”