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Lego Goes Green

These new Lego pieces are made from sugarcane. LEGO

Legos are popular with kids. But making them can hurt the environment. Why? Legos are made of plastic. The plastic is made from oil. That is a nonrenewable resource.

Now Lego is introducing Earth-friendly pieces. They look like tiny leaves, bushes, and trees. They are made of plastic sourced from sugarcane. That is a sustainable material. The figures will appear in Lego sets this year.

The little green pieces are part of a bigger plan for Lego. The company plans to use sustainable materials in all its toys by 2030, according to Tim Brooks. He is Lego’s vice president of environmental responsibility. “The actions we take today can have an impact on the planet of tomorrow,” Brooks told TFK. “Every step and every action you do matters.”