Ready to Lead

December 7, 2018

New and familiar faces are heading to Washington, D.C., in January. That’s when the 116th United States Congress convenes for the first time.

On November 6, a record number of Americans voted in the U.S. midterm elections. The midterm elections take place every four years—about halfway into a president’s term. Americans voted for members of Congress and governors. They also weighed in about new state laws.

A New Group

New members of the House of Representatives pose for a picture.


A diverse group of leaders will make up the 116th Congress. For one thing, more women were elected to Congress than ever before. Among them are the first-ever female Native American and Muslim representatives.

While Republicans won some races that Democrats were hoping to win, Democrats won many races. Now, power in Congress will be more balanced between the two political parties. Members of both parties will work together to pass laws and create change.