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It Makes Music

March 11, 2021

A conch shell was discovered 90 years ago in France. It’s now thought to be the oldest instrument of its kind. Researchers say it’s about 18,000 years old. The shell was found in a cave in 1931 in France’s Pyrenees…



On Board the Titanic

March 11, 2021

On April 10, 1912, the Titanic set sail on its first voyage. The Titanic was a British luxury passenger ship. It was described as “unsinkable.” The ship set off from England. It was supposed to cross the Atlantic Ocean to…



Deep Under the Sea

March 11, 2021

The Titanic was found underwater in 1985. That’s 73 years after it sank. Today, scientists are still discovering objects from this historic ship. The artifacts teach us about the Titanic and the people on board. Which artifact do you think…


Making History

March 11, 2021

One day, the pandemic will be history. How will you remember it? Museums are deciding that now. Many are collecting items. They are looking for ordinary things. These include hand sanitizer and grocery lists. Historians will one day study…



Honoring a Hero

December 17, 2020

John Lewis was a congressman for Georgia. He was one of the last living leaders of the civil rights movement. He died of cancer on July 17, 2020. He was 80 years old. “John Lewis was an American treasure,” Martin…


Historic Discovery

October 15, 2020

Archaeologists in Egypt have uncovered 27 wooden coffins. The coffins were buried about 2,500 years ago. They were found in an ancient burial site. Some were discovered in early September. Others were found later in the month. Archaeologists are continuing…

Young Game Changers

Looking Back

September 10, 2020

Kids have long fought for justice in the United States. Look back to May 1963. Hundreds of Black children skipped school to march in Birmingham, Alabama. They were protesting segregation. Segregation is the practice of keeping Black and white people…


From S-l-o-w to Fast!

February 27, 2020

This time line shows how trains have changed over time. 1829 Robert Stephenson built the Rocket. It was a steam engine. It was built for a contest to show off the best engine. It reached 30 miles per hour. Many…

Earth Science

A World of Dinosaurs

December 27, 2019

A paleontologist is someone who hunts for fossils. Paleontologists have made discoveries all over the world. They have found dinosaur bones on every continent. Have you heard of these dinosaurs? United States — Tyrannosaurus Rex Many Tyrannosaurus rex bones have…


Mission to Mars

December 20, 2019

NASA has sent spacecraft to Mars since the 1960s. This timeline shows big moments from past trips to the Red Planet. 1965 Mariner 4 is the first spacecraft to successfully fly by Mars. It sends back 21 images of a…