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Should Plastic Straws Be Banned?


People are taking a stand against plastic straws. Some say banning them will help save the planet. Others think bans are not needed. Here, two TFK Kid Reporters weigh in.


Josh Lee, 12

Chicago, Illinois

Plastic straws are bad for our planet. When people throw them away, they end up in our oceans. Sea animals sometimes mistake the plastic for food. This can harm the animals. It might even kill them. It’s okay for people to use straws. But there are other options besides plastic ones. People can buy paper or steel straws to carry with them.


Maria Suarez, 11

Bellaire, Texas

Plastic straws should not be banned. Why? Many people with disabilities rely on flexible straws for drinking. Plus, plastics can be used many times. My dad and I wash and reuse nontoxic plastic straws. Finally, banning plastic straws won’t save the oceans. Instead, we should teach people how to throw away trash so it doesn’t end up on beaches.