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TFK Kid Reporter Pranav Mukhi

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Time Off

TFK Reads: The One Thing You'd Save

July 28, 2021

A summer day is the perfect time to chill out with a good book. TFK Kid Reporters have reviewed some of the hottest books of the season. Below, TFK Kid Reporter Pranav Mukhi shares his thoughts on The One Thing…



8 Questions for Autumn Peltier

April 9, 2021

A member of the Wiikwemkoong First Nation, Autumn Peltier, 16, lives in Canada. She advocates for clean water for Canada’s indigenous population. TFK Kid Reporter Pranav Mukhi spoke with her about the power of youth activism. 1. What does…


United States

Super Bowl Preview

February 3, 2021

The Super Bowl is the National Football League’s championship game. It’s played each year on the first Sunday in February. The host stadium is usually packed with tens of thousands of fans. But this year’s game—between the Kansas City Chiefs…


Time Off

TFK Reads: When You Trap a Tiger

January 25, 2021

Looking for something new to read? TIME for Kids has recommendations. Our editors selected some of the most exciting books of 2020. Then we handed them off to our team of TFK Kid Reporters to review. Here, TFK Kid Reporter…


Time Off

Let's Talk! With Amy Timberlake

September 9, 2020

TFK Kid Reporter Pranav Mukhi spoke with Amy Timberlake, author of the new book Skunk and Badger. Here’s part of their conversation. 1. What inspired you to write Skunk and Badger? I was working on another book. As research, I…



TFK Kid Reporters: Meet Pranav

September 1, 2020

Meet Pranav Mukhi, one of the 10 outstanding kids selected to be a TFK Kid Reporter this school year. Pranav is 10 years old and lives in South Setauket, New York. He loves to swim and hopes to interview Olympian…