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Dolls for All

PUT TO THE TEST Shi’a (left) and 7-year-old Jhase play with a Creatable World doll in a Mattel toy-testing session. JUCO FOR TIME (2); ANGIE SMITH FOR TIME

Not long ago, toy stores had separate aisles for boys and girls. People spoke out against this, and retailers listened. Target, for example, got rid of boys’ and girls’ toy sections in 2015.

Then people started paying closer attention to product packaging. STEM toys, such as blocks and chemistry sets, often showed boys on the boxes. Arts-and-crafts kits showed girls. Some people argued that packaging should be gender-neutral gender-neutral MICHELE CONSTANTINI—PHOTOALTO/GETTY IMAGES not intended specifically for either boys or girls (adjective) The T-shirt had a gender-neutral design. . Again, retailers listened. Disney stopped using boys and girls labels on its costumes.

Now a major toy company is focusing on the products themselves. On September 25, Mattel announced a series of gender-neutral dolls. Each doll has short hair and comes with a long-haired wig. Mattel’s slogan for the series? “A doll line designed to keep labels out and invite everyone in.”

Mattel tested the dolls with kids from 250 families. One of those kids was 8-year-old Shi’a (shown a­­bove). When given a Creatable World doll to play with, Shi’a jumped for joy, then said, “The hair is just like mine!”

Richard Dickson is Mattel’s president. He hopes Creatable World dolls will allow children like Shi’a to see themselves reflected in their toys. “Knowing we created something that makes them feel recognized, that’s a beautiful thing,” he says.

Good for Business

The doll industry is worth $8 billion globally. The Creatable World series is a chance for Mattel to bring in new customers and grow its business.

Lisa McKnight is a senior vice president at Mattel. She says retailers are enthusiastic about Creatable World: “They’re excited about the message of inclusivity inclusivity HUNTSTOCK/GETTY IMAGES the state of being open to all people (noun) To promote inclusivity, the bakery installed a wheelchair ramp. .”