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Fossil for Sale

BIG BONES A Sotheby’s employee stands next to a Gorgosaurus skeleton that will be sold at auction this month. JULIA NIKHINSON—AP

A dinosaur skeleton is going up for sale. Sotheby’s, the New York City auction house, made the announcement last week. The fossil will be part of a natural-history auction on July 28.

The skeleton belonged to a Gorgosaurus, a cousin of the Tyrannosaurus rex. The creature lived around 76 million years ago. The fossil was discovered in Montana in 2018. It’s about 10 feet tall and 22 feet long. All of the other known Gorgosaurus skeletons are in museums. Sotheby’s says this one could sell for at least $5 million.

Cassandra Hatton, who works for Sotheby’s, says she has handled “many exceptional and unique objects. But few have the capacity to inspire wonder and capture imaginations quite like this unbelievable Gorgosaurus skeleton.”

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