In Abominable, a girl named Yi discovers a yeti. That’s an abominable snowman. Yi introduces the yeti to her friends Jin and Peng. They name him Everest. The four of them go on a trek to return Everest to his home in the mountains.

Albert Tsai (pictured), 15, voices Peng. He says he fell in love with his character instantly. “We are so similar in many ways,” Albert told TFK Kid Reporter Tyler Mitroff. “He is such a goofball.”

In Yeti years, Everest is about the same age as Peng. “They love playing together,” Albert says. “They become like brothers, sharing this bond as they go on this adventure.”

With help from his new friends, Everest goes to great lengths to find his way home. Albert says the movie is about “how far you’re willing to go for your family.”

Abominable hits theaters on September 27.