Kids Report on COVID-19: Nora in North Carolina

April 10, 2020
MEET ME ON THE CORNER When Nora meets with her friends—two sisters who live a few blocks away—they talk from a safe distance.

We asked our team of TFK Kid Reporters for their perspective on the coronavirus pandemic. Here, TFK Kid Reporter Nora Wilson-Hartgrove, from Durham, North Carolina, shares her thoughts.

I live in a hospitality house, where people used to come and stay for a while or have something to eat. My family’s friend Sammie, who almost seems like an uncle to me, would stop by to heat up food, say hello, and joke around. Because of COVID-19, Sammie can’t drop by anymore. We had to put up a sign to let people know we can’t have any visitors.

I feel like I’ve lost my extended family, but I still have my mom, dad, siblings, and other housemates. I’m excited about the future but I’m also afraid. I worry about the possibility that someone in my house will get the disease and it will spread among all of us. But I’m excited when I think about the end of quarantine and the chance to go back to our old lives.

I really miss school, play dates, and public gatherings. But a couple of friends and I have found a way to meet on the corner in our neighborhood and talk in person. We set a time, bring chairs to the sidewalk, and sit six feet apart to catch up with one another.

Kids, ask a parent or guardian if you can tell us about your experience during this time. If so, have them email us at Your response might be featured on our website or in an upcoming issue.

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