Kids Report on COVID-19: Raunak in New Jersey

March 27, 2020

We asked our team of TFK Kid Reporters for their perspective on the coronavirus pandemic. Here, TFK Kid Reporter Raunak Singh, from Fair Lawn, New Jersey, shares his thoughts.

COVID-19 is caused by an infectious coronavirus. Many people have already gotten sick. The word corona, translated from Latin, means crown. If we don’t work together to fight its spread, the virus will be “crowned” the victor. But you can help us win!

Take steps like washing your hands well. And the less you travel, the safer the world will be. As you stay at home, think of it as care-for-your-family time.

Here are some good activities to try:

  • Play with your pets.

  • Go for a walk with your family.

  • Play ball with a sibling.

  • Ride your bike in your neighborhood.

  • Read a book.

  • Call or FaceTime a friend.

  • Learn on the Internet.

  • Play a classic board game.

  • Draw.

  • Relax.

Have you seen people helping each other in your neighborhood? Someone picking up someone else’s groceries? Or people giving things to those who aren’t able to find them at the store? A few days ago, as I was going to check the mail, one of my mom’s friends called me. She told me that if my family was running out of any supplies, she’d be happy to lend some to us. I said we had enough supplies, but I was touched.

That’s the good side of this pandemic: People are becoming more sympathetic to each other. When my mom was picking up supplies at our local ShopRite, we saw a man helping an elderly woman carry her bags. And I read in the news that two young cellists, ages 7 and 9, played a short concert—at a safe distance—for their 78-year-old neighbor.

So try to be kind in your community. If we work together, maintain safe practices, and keep ourselves busy at home, we can fight this little microbe!


Kids, ask a parent or guardian if you can tell us about your experience during this time. If so, have them email us at Your response might be featured on our website or in an upcoming issue.

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