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The Kid Report: On This Land

November 10, 2021

The story "On This Land"—about honoring Native land—appears in this week's issue of TIME for Kids. Nathan Whittinghill attends middle school in the Mukilteo School District, in Washington State. Here, he writes about what land acknowledgement means to him and…



Animal Rights

November 5, 2021

It’s a sunny afternoon at the Bronx Zoo, in New York City. A monorail train approaches the elephant exhibit. A child screeches in delight as an Asian elephant named Happy comes into view. Happy flaps her ears. She wraps her…



The Kid Report: Game On?

October 20, 2021

The story “Game On?”—about the impact of the pandemic on the board-game industry—appears in this week’s issue of TIME for Kids. TFK Kid Reporter Ethan played board games with his family during the pandemic. He writes about his experience below.…



Honoring Soldiers

October 13, 2021

Bill Greason is proud to be a veteran of the United States military. He is 97 years old. He fought in World War II. Today, Greason lives in Birmingham, Alabama. “I loved being a Marine,” he told TIME for Kids.…



Major Oil Spill

October 8, 2021

An underwater pipeline has leaked at least 126,000 gallons of oil into the Pacific Ocean. The leak happened off the coast of California on October 2. It may be the largest spill in California since 2015. Oil covered the water…



Giants in Danger

September 24, 2021

California’s KNP Complex wildfire forced the evacuation of Sequoia National Park on September 14. The blaze threatened the park’s giant sequoia trees. These are some of the largest trees in the world. By September 17, the fire had reached the…



Testing the Water

September 22, 2021

If it’s flushed down the toilet, Rob Knight wants to know about it. He’s a researcher at the University of California San Diego. He specializes in microbes. These are tiny organisms that live in your gut. Knight is testing the…



Teen Tennis Takeover

September 16, 2021

Emma Raducanu, 18, won the Grand Slam women’s final at the U.S. Open on September 11. Raducanu is a tennis player from the United Kingdom. She beat Leylah Fernandez, 19, of Canada. The final score was 6–4, 6–3. It was…



Taking a Stand

September 15, 2021

Last year, a 9-year-old boy from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, set up a lemonade stand. He got lots of customers. “They all took a sip of lemonade and either gave a thumbs-up or said it was really good!” he told TIME for…



Take a Spin

September 9, 2021

Inspiration4 commander Jared Isaacman rides the multi-axis trainer at Space Camp, in Huntsville, Alabama, in July. The machine lets people feel what it’s like t…