G3-4 Text Set: Fighting for the Planet

October 18, 2019
SPEAKING UP Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg speaks at a climate protest outside the White House, in Washington, DC.

On average, global temperatures have gone up almost 2°F in the last century, largely due to human activity. Everyone is affected by changes in our planet, and everyone plays a role in either contributing to or fighting climate change. This text set explores the issues facing our planet, and the people who are taking steps to help.

Essential Questions

1. Why do humans need the Earth?

2. What impact do humans have on the Earth?

3. How does climate change affect the planet? How does climate change affect individuals?

4. Whose responsibility is it to protect the planet?

5. What can be done to help fight climate change on a large or small scale?

Click here for the full PDF guide to this text set.

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