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G3-4 Text Set: Young Problem Solvers

After seeing a man in a wheelchair struggling to open a door, Alex Knoll created an app to help people with disabilities. courtesy alexander knoll

Young people will be the next generation of leaders and change-makers. But many don’t wait until they are in positions of power to take action. These innovative minds search for and create solutions to the problems they see around them. This text set explores young people who research, invent, or speak out to solve problems.

Essential Questions

1. Whose responsibility is it to solve problems in the world?

2. How can young people make an impact on their community? How can they impact the world?

3. What inspires young people to take action?

4. Why is it important for young people to be involved in finding solutions?

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Paired Text


Robotics Champions

November 8, 2019

An international robotics contest, the FIRST Global Challenge, took place from October 24 to 27 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Youth from 191 countries joined in. Contestants were asked to find solutions to ocean pollution. Each team was given a…


Kid Heroes for the Planet

April 11, 2019

Earth Day is April 22. On this day, people around the world focus on environmental issues. But you don’t have to wait for Earth Day to take action. You can improve our planet every day of the year. TIME for…


8 Questions for Evan Barnard

February 14, 2019

When he was a kid, Evan Barnard, now 19, learned that someone had damaged a Braille nature trail. People who are blind or have low vision use these trails to explore nature. Barnard helped fix the trail. Then he created…



October 23, 2017

Jake Hubbard is a farmer. He lives in Chana, Illinois. In 2013, he lost his left hand in an accident. He was 27. Recently, a group of eighth graders came to his aid. They were from nearby Rochelle Middle School.…



Helping Others

September 6, 2017

If you see a problem, you should find a solution. That is what Alex Knoll, 12, from Post Falls, Idaho, thinks. One day, he noticed a man struggling to open a heavy door. The man was in a wheelchair. “I…


Time Off

Soap Club

January 20, 2017

A nonprofit group collects used soap from hotels to make new soap. The group is changing lives in Cambodia. Samir Lakhani was in college when he first visited Cambodia, a nation in Southeast Asia. The trip changed his life. In…


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