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What Do Kids Have to Say?

We asked TFK Kid Reporters to weigh in with their thoughts, feelings, and questions about the election. Read what a few of them had to say.

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I saw the long lines of people during early voting. A lot of people have been waiting for this moment for a long time, and here we are! —Miguel Madero, 10, San Antonio, TX

I wonder how the results of the election will change the path of our country. —Sophia Hou, 11, Short Hills, NJ

I was a little disappointed when I realized that I would not be getting answers sooner. I didn’t realize what a long process electing a president was! —Afton Campbell, 12, Surprise, AZ

I was confused because I felt like the results would have been out already. But my state is still busy counting votes. There were a lot of mail-in votes. —Victoria Hanson, 10, Chadds Ford Township, PA

The election felt like a big sports championship where I was cheering among all the other fans. —Rory Hu, 10, Cupertino, CA

Every time I refreshed my browser, the U.S. map filled in with more red, then more blue shapes, as Trump and Biden’s electoral votes inched toward the magic 270 number needed to win. —Jeremy Liew, 12, Riverside, CT

It was amazing to see the historic turnout. —Abby Rogers, 11, Lahaina, HI

I just personally feel anxious because the vote can go either way. —Donnell Meekins, 10, Carson, CA

The election keeps on flip-flopping. We have not been able to truly predict the results the whole time. —Pranav Mukhi, 10, South Setauket, NY

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