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Cities of the Future

An artist’s design shows how French Polynesia’s floating city will look. THE SEASTEADING INSTITUTE AND GABRIEL SCHEARE, LUKE & LOURDES CROWLEY, AND PATRICK WHITE (ROARK 3D)

People are building a new kind of city. This type of city will not be on land. It will float on the ocean.

The first floating city will be in French Polynesia. That is in the South Pacific Ocean. Construction construction DUKAI PHOTOGRAPHER/GETTY IMAGES the act of building something (noun) Construction on the bridge begins this week. will begin soon. The builders hope to finish it by 2020. To begin with, the first floating city will be the size of a soccer field. But it will grow. It will have homes and parks. There will also be schools, shops, and restaurants.

Why build floating cities? Floating cities are safe from flooding flood flood CHIP SOMODEVILLA/GETTY IMAGES a large amount of water covering an area that is usually dry (noun) The house was built on stilts to protect it from floods in the rainy season. . As the sea rises, so will the cities. They can be moved to a new place. And they will let more people live near the ocean.