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A Day in the Life


Peggy Whitson is an astronaut. She works for NASA. She loves science. Peggy traveled to space three times. Life in space is different from life on Earth. Find out about Peggy's life in space.

She orbited.


Peggy lived here when she was in space. She went around Earth.

She floated.


Space has very little gravity. Everything there floats. Even people! Peggy's food floated too. She had to catch it in the air and put it on her spoon.

She worked.


Peggy did many science projects. It was her job. One project was to grow salad greens in space.

She explored.


Peggy did eight spacewalks. She made repairs to the International Space Station. A cord connected her to the station so she would not float away.

Breaking Records!


Peggy Whitson is 57 years old. She is the oldest female astronaut. She has spent 665 days in space. That's longer than any other American or woman in the world.