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New Inventions

Inventors create new things. They come up with ways to make our lives better. Here are five new inventions. Which is your favorite?

A Friendly Robot


Jibo is not your average average CHRIS STEIN/GETTY IMAGES ordinary or usual (adjective) The average chihuahua weighs between two and six pounds. robot. He looks more like a human than other robots. Jibo faces you when you talk. He shows emotion. He can even giggle and dance.

A Safer Helmet


Football can be dangerous. But this helmet is here to help! The is made of a flexible flexible KETKARN SAKULTAP/GETTY IMAGES able to bend (adjective) Elm trees have long, flexible branches. material. It was designed design BOWDENIMAGES/GETTY IMAGES to think up and draw plans for (verb) Keana designed a treehouse for her backyard. by a doctor. Many football players are using it. It is keeping them safe.

Running into the Future


The Futurecraft 4D lets you run faster and jump higher. The secret is 3D printing. Adidas makes the shoe. Its padding can be molded to fit you.

More Ways to Play


This is the Nintendo Switch. You can take it with you. The controllers controller HERO IMAGES/GETTY IMAGES something that is used to operate a machine or device (noun) Pass me the controller so I can fly the drone. come off. You can wave and shake them while you play. Game on!

Glasses That Help


It is tough to get around when you’re blind. ESight 3 can help. The powerful glasses capture capture to record the sound or image of something (verb) The store's security camera captured the burglars taking money from the cash register. video. Then they turn the video into something blind people can see.