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Robots At Work


Robots are machines. Today, there are more robots than ever before. Some robots do work that people usually do. Read on to meet a few robot workers.

Robot Chef

This machine makes burgers. It grinds meat. It cuts vegetables. It also grates grate NATTHAKAN JOMMANEE—EYEEM/ GETTY IMAGES to shred something into very small pieces by rubbing it against a tool called a grater (verb) The recipe said to grate the carrots. cheese. The machine does all this without help from humans. Order up!


Robot Teacher

This robot is named Nao. It teaches lessons to kids in school. It can even answer homework questions.


Robot Doctor

This robot performs perform WESTEND61—GETTY IMAGES to do (verb) The scientist will perform an experiment. surgery. Doctors help it do the job. Surgeries surgery FS PRODUCTIONS—GETTY IMAGES a medical treatment where a doctor cuts into someone's body (noun) Marybeth had surgery to remove her tonsils. done with robots can be safer. Plus, patients patient CAVAN IMAGES—GETTY IMAGES a person who is receiving medical care (noun) The doctor recommended that the patient spend the night in the hospital. often get better faster.


Robot Officer

This is a police robot. It patrols the streets in China. The robot helps police officers. It can keep people safe.


Did You Know?

This article was written by a human. (Hi, reader!) But articles can be written by robots, too. A computer program looks at information. Then it creates simple sentences. They sound as if they were written by a person.