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She's a Poet


Margarita Engle is a poet. She writes picture books, too. She grew up in Los Angeles, California. Every summer, her parents would take her to Cuba. That’s the country where her mother was born.

In Cuba, Engle explored the tropical forest. You can see her love of nature and Cuba in many of her books.

Engle tells her stories through poems. When you listen to them, you might feel like you are skipping along or dancing to a drum. You might hear a rhyme rhyme PETER DAZELEY—GETTY IMAGES two or more words that end in the same sound (noun) In the poem, she used peep as a rhyme for sleep. . One of her recent books is The Flying Girl. It’s a true story. It’s about the first woman to fly a motorized motorized SIMONKR/GETTY IMAGES having a motor (adjective) Savannah attends school in a motorized wheelchair. airplane.

“I want to write something that leaves me with a hopeful feeling,” Engle says. “Poetry allows me to do that.”