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OUR TALL NEIGHBORS Learn about the different parts of a tree. STOCKSTUDOX/GETTY IMAGES

Trees are an important part of life on Earth. They create the air we breathe breathe pw breathe CHRISTOPH WAGNER—GETTY IMAGES to move air into and out of your lungs (verb) I breathed in the fresh air of the mountains. . They give us shade shade PW SHADE SUNRISE@DAWN PHOTOGRAPHY—GETTY IMAGES a place blocked from the sun (noun) The tree's shade lets me cool down on a hot day. and fruit. They are a home for animals. There are many types of trees. But all trees have the same parts. Take a look.


1. The crown or canopy is the leafy top part of a tree.

2. Trees are full of leaves. Leaves come in different sizes and shapes. A tree’s leaves soak up sunlight. This helps the plant grow.

3. Branches grow from a tree’s trunk. Smaller twigs grow from the branches.

4. The trunk is the main body of a tree. A tree is covered with bark. The bark can be rough or smooth. It is like a tree’s skin. It protects the tree.

5. A tree has a network of roots. They grow underground. They branch off in different directions. The roots carry water and food to a tree. They also keep a tree sturdy sturdy pw sturdy MIKE KEMP—GETTY IMAGES strong; well-made (adjective) Tom made a sturdy snowman. in the ground.

Did you Know?


Inside a tree trunk, you will see rings, or circles. They tell us how old the tree is. Each ring stands for a year. Can you count them?