Ready to Take Off

September 8, 2017

Companies are making cars that fly. Would you like to ride in one? These machines don’t need pilots or drivers. They help people get away from traffic. They are quieter than helicopters. Find out about them.


A Flying Taxi

This is an Ehang 184. It is a taxi. It runs on battery power. It can fly for 30 minutes.


Sky Rider

The Transition travels on land and in the sky. Its wings fold up when it is on the ground.


On the Go

The TF-X can fly very fast. It has a sleek look. It can move up and down and side to side.


Moving Parts

The Airbus has a pod where people sit. Motors can be attached to let it fly. On the ground, the pod attaches to wheels.


Did You Know?

The first car came out in 1885. It was invented by Karl Benz, of Germany. The car had three wheels. It was the first vehicle with a gas engine.

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