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Dogs on the Job


Bill Farmer has been the voice behind famous Disney dogs like Goofy and Pluto for more than 30 years. Now he’s stepping away from the recording studio to host It’s a Dog’s Life with Bill Farmer, a new series on Disney+. The show introduces viewers to dogs with different jobs all over the United States.

In one episode, Farmer meets Eba. Eba is a Jack Russel terrier and pit bull mix. His job? To sniff out orca poop. He does this in the coastal waters of San Juan Island, in Washington. Once Eba finds the poop, scientists at the University of Washington analyze it to learn about the orca’s diet. They use these insights to brainstorm new ways to help the area’s population of endangered orcas.

Eba appears to love his job. “I had so much fun with that little dog,” Farmer told TIME for Kids. “He was so excited to get on the boat and find the whale.”

In addition to featuring working dogs, It’s a Dog’s Life offers tips on responsible pet care. “Dogs have unconditional love for us,” Farmer says. “If you give them love, they will return that.”