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Chemical Cleanup

March 3, 2023

Cleanup of toxic waste continues in East Palestine, Ohio, after a fiery freight-train derailment last month. Tons of solid and liquid waste have been moved by truck to treatment sites. On February 3, 38 freight cars went off the tracks.…



Gas-Powered Car Ban

September 2, 2022

California is phasing out gas-powered vehicles. On August 25, officials said all new cars sold in the state will have to be electric or hydrogen-powered by 2035. Transportation accounts for about half of California’s greenhouse-gas emissions, which contribute to climate…


Going Electric

May 16, 2022

New Zealand’s government has a new plan. It was announced on May 16. The goal is to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. The government will pay New Zealanders to switch from gas-powered cars to hybrid or electric cars. This is part of…


United States

Pain at the Pump

March 18, 2022

Gas prices continue to rise. On March 13, the average cost of a gallon of regular gas in the United States was $4.43. That’s $1.54 higher than it was a year ago. “It’s very expensive, high for people who are…



An Electric Future

April 9, 2021

In January, one of the world’s major automakers, General Motors (GM), announced that it would stop selling gas-powered cars by 2035. The company says it will make more battery-powered vehicles. In March, Swedish automaker Volvo stepped up the timeline. It…


Vaccine Trackers

January 15, 2021

As the delivery truck snaked its way over Northern California’s highways, analysts watched every aspect of its journey. They could see the stops the driver made. They knew the weather outside. Most important, they knew the condition of the precious…


Car Takes Flight

September 3, 2020

Flying cars are no longer a dream of the future. SkyDrive Inc., in Japan, announced on August 28 that a pilot had successfully flown one of its cars. There are more than 100 flying-car projects in the world, according to…


Bike Boom

June 18, 2020

It was March when much of the world began to lock down to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The pandemic forced gyms to close. It made people fearful of public transit. And it left families cooped up at home…