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Earth Science


8 Questions for Myria Perez

March 1, 2023

Myria Perez is a fossil preparator and educator at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, in Washington, D.C. She spoke with TFK Kid Reporter Elisha Lee. 1. What exactly do you do for your job? I work with fossils,…


Strange World

September 14, 2022

You don’t have to go to outer space to find amazing things. Terrestrials, a new podcast by Radiolab for Kids, finds weirdness and mystery right here on Earth. The series explores wonders such as an octopus that escapes from…



Icelandic Volcano

August 12, 2022

The Fagradalsfjall volcano, near Reykjavík, Iceland, began erupting on August 3. Scientists had predicted an eruption because of recent earthquakes. Lava continues to flow from the volcano. Its last eruption started in March 2021. Lava flowed for six months. As…




February 17, 2022

Smoke billows from Mount Etna, in Italy, on February 10. The eruption sparked a rare volcanic storm, sending lightning bolts across the sky. But it did not caus…



Underwater Volcano

January 20, 2022

An underwater volcano erupted on January 15 near Tonga. The island nation is located in the South Pacific Ocean. The blast sent ash, gas, and soot about 12 miles above the ocean’s surface. It also triggered a tsunami that hit…



Volcanic Eruption

December 10, 2021

The tallest volcano on Java, an island in Indonesia, erupted on December 4. Mount Semeru shot clouds of ash and smoke 40,000 feet into the air, darkening the sky. Hot gas and lava killed at least 34 people. Others are…


Bad Bug Alert

September 23, 2021

The spotted lanternfly might look pretty with its red wings and black dots. But the insect is causing big problems in the United States, and experts are telling people to take action against the pest. “Kill it! Squash it, smash…



8 Questions for Samuel Ramsey

August 31, 2021

Samuel Ramsey, or Dr. Sammy, works for the United States Department of Agriculture. He’s an entomologist. That’s a scientist who studies insects. TFK’s Rebecca Katzman spoke with Dr. Sammy about his job and what insects can teach us about ourselves.…



A Volcano Erupts

April 16, 2021

On April 9, a volcano called La Soufrière erupted on Saint Vincent. Thousands of people on the island in the Caribbean Sea were forced to evacuate their homes. The massive explosion sent hot ash 32,000 feet into the sky. For…


United States

Return of the Cicadas

April 7, 2021

Parts of the eastern United States and Midwest will witness an extraordinary natural event this spring. Trillions of Brood 10 cicadas are expected to emerge in mid-May after 17 years underground. They'll likely be around until late June or July.…