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From Our Readers...

This month, we’ll be sharing notes from kids about their heroes. But we’re happy to hear from you on any topic! Write to us at to share your thoughts and ideas. You might see your name in a future issue.

Line Break

From Felicity North, 11, in Washington Township, NJ:

My hero is my Aunt Julia. She is a nurse. During the pandemic, she’s been taking care of patients with COVID-19. She was not able to see her parents, nieces, and nephews for a long time because she chose to help others, selflessly.

From Raj Isiguzo, 10, in San Antonio, TX:

I am proud that my parents are both frontline workers. But at the same time, I am worried, because the hospitals are filling up again with people that have the coronavirus.

From Ellie Remsburg, 11, in West Grove, PA:

Mr. Josh, my neighbor, is my hero. He is a firefighter. Even though he has a chance of getting sick from going to so many houses, he still does it to help people. He is courageous and a hero.

TFK Kid Reporters Victoria Hanson and Miguel Madero contributed reporting.